No worries with my keyboard; to be almost shouted with the title of a WooCommerce theme, it’s not cool, sorry. But here, Divi is a WooCommerce theme so inescapable, that I needed a way to capture your attention to tell you;)

Two ways for you to convince yourself, you read the long description just below, or you discover immediately a demonstration of this theme by clicking on the download button just below. I am sure that in 30 seconds you will be convinced of the power of this WooCommerce theme like no other.

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Why this theme rather than another? After all, just look at the selection of WooCommerce themes we’re doing on woo-themes-plugins.com to convince ourselves that there are many other WooCommerce themes out there. So why ?

Before talking about the theme itself, one of the reasons that make it a selection of choices lies in its longevity. This theme has existed since … In fact, I even know more so I feel I have always known. Divi is a theme that has emerged at Elegant Themes. This is not their first theme, far from it, but it is the first and only theme allowing so much flexibility among the selection of Elegant Themes. Rather than disperse, Divi became THE theme of Elegant Themes; it really does everything with WordPress and of course WooCommerce. It must be said, Divi existed before WooCommerce. Divi is not a theme just for WooCommerce; it’s a theme that supports a lot of flexibility including the integration of a real eCommerce shop through WooCommerce.

Difficult to describe in detail a WooCommerce theme that literally lets you do it all. Let’s focus on specific things. One of Divi’s immense strengths is its builder of just-mind-blowing page of responsiveness and flexibility. Thanks to this constructor, you will be able to realize 100% of your pages without never seeing the shadow of a shortcode and even less of code PHP or JavaScript. This theme is very widely imposed in the world of manufacturing the chain of sites WooCommerce not alike, but based on a common base.

Of course this theme WooCommerce is responsible, allows us to access tons of shortcodes, allows the drag and drop, allows to customize 100% of its interface to the click and so much more. Come on, find out and discover Divi without delay.

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