Variation Swatches and Photos – Color and Images as Variation Selector – WooCommerce Plugin


Replacing the default WooCommerce variation selector with a sampled product image is really better. If you sell t-shirts, for example, it’s still cool to see the green color on your product’s green dimming button, rather than having to click on it to see the result.

Download Variation Swatches


Using images or colors as a selection button for a product variation gives a much better way to present the information. Why ? Because the cognitive weight of this click is much less than if it were a word. We understand immediately seeing the same t-shirt proposed in red, yellow, green and blue that these are its variations; no need to interpret the information.

If you need a demo to convince you, go to the site where to download this plugin, you will be able to access the test link of the demo online.

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