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Who other than MailChimp to propose the best plugin that will allow you to trace all your eCommerce data from WooCommerce on MailChimp? Increases the possibilities of your emailing campaigns thanks to this plugin which will open the doors of eCommerce 360 features of MailChimp.

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With more than 16,000,000 eCommerce customers, I believe it is fair to say that MailChimp is a true expert widely recognized in the world of sending email and newsletter.

Thanks to this extension made by the teams of MailChimp, and that gratieusement, it is possible for us to come synchronize our customers and their orders under MailChimp, which will allow us to come to set up personalized or automated campaigns, while holding account of the history of each client. By pushing further, we can even use MailChimp to restart abandoned baskets on your WooCommerce site. Mine in all this is that MailChimp will give you the chance to be able to know your ROI on each of your campaigns. A tool clearly very professional, and yet disconcerting simplicity when it comes to the grip of the whole.

Would I forget to say that this extension is a free WooCommerce plugin?

With this extension WooCommerce you will be able to:

Syncronize your lists
Syncronize purchases with lists
Set up automated campaigns on the eCommerce database like what is contained in the customer cart, its last orders …
Highlight the recommended products
Track and categorize customers based on history and frequency of purchase
Track all the performance of your campaigns in the MailChimp dashboard
Integration of a POP-UP registration to its newsletter

Small detail, it is necessary that your hosting WooCommerce respects certain standards like PHP in minimal version to 5.6, the use of a development environment before putting on line … In short, all that a good hosting WordPress must know how to do .

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