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The WooCommerce Product vendors plugin will allow you to transform your WooCommerce store into a real marketplace where you can manage multiple vendors, manage commissions and more. If you’re trying to set up an eCommerce site based on the Marketplace principle, then you have to study this plugin with the utmost seriousness.

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The tab-based information presentation system is particularly relevant in the WooCommerce product pages. It makes it possible to condense a large amount of information on a small space, while separating the different types of information. So we do not find in the same tab the specifics of the product or customer comments for example.

This system is so good that we would like to use it as we see fit to create it again, in order to create a product sheet that sticks to 100% with the type of product that we sell, in particular. WooCommerce Tab Manager is a WooCommerce plugin that fits in this frame. This WooCommerce extension will allow us to take control of this tab system, allowing us to create as many as we want.

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