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Proposed by WooCommece, this plugin will allow you to print in two clicks the invoices or the information of packing of your customer. In addition, it will be possible for your customers to retrieve them easily on their client area. An almost essential plugin for WooCommerce.

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Print Invoices & Packing lists is a WooCommerce extension to watch very closely if you are looking for a simple way to print your WooCommerce orders, but also your colander lists. On the manager side of the shop, this WooCommerce extension will allow us to print an entire order, or just the colissage list, very fast from its administration interface. On the client side, this WooCommerce plugin will offer the possibility to find all its orders in PDF format in the My Account section.

With this extension WooCommerce, you will also be able to print a list of documents such as your Terms, or conditions of return. Print Invoices & Packng List takes care of all the customer information work, important but tedious.

In constant development, this plugin has experienced a revolution in version 3. It is now possible to customize its WooCommerce invoices. Everything is made as simple as customizing a WordPress page.

The invoices will be printable individually or in a group, sent automatically by email when the payment is validated or accessible to the customer through their client interface.

The picking function was designed to allow us to include it in the picking process that we have already set up in our warehouse. Thus, when an order is printed, the right information is immediately available. Even better, if you sell physical products and virtual products, only physical products will appear in the order of picking. Cool.

Last very nice detail to emphasize, it is possible to work both on a single command as on several at once. Batching options that are really useful when meeting this type of need.

WooCommerce Print Invoices is clearly an indispensable plugin to WooCommerce.

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