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The Product Add-Ons plugin, which is developed by, will allow you to introduce into your products areas that your customer will have to fill in order to customize. Basically, if you have a product and you propose to burn, print, draw, print a message or an image on it, then this is the plugin you need.

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Product add-ons is an official WooCommerce plugin that will allow your customers to customize their products by adding new options such as a text field, a drop-down list of choices or radio button choices. This extension WooCommerce has been planned to make many services such as adding a message, a donation, a text or a picture to laser engrave on a product, a message to print on a t-shirt … the list is long. This WooCommerce plugin will be especially useful when your product will require an entry from your customer.

This WooCommerce extension supports different types of fields such as text fields, multiple selections, radio button selections, a free price field or a file sending field by the client.

Product Add-ons can be activated for your entire WooCommerce shop or only on targeted products. Convenient. Of course, this extension is compatible with WooCommerce Subscription, one of the flagship plugins of WooCommerce.

Once the plugin is activated and configured, the new fields will appear just below the short description, before the add to cart button.

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