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This WooCommerce plugin will allow you to make CSV exports of orders and customers from your WooCommerce site.

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Although WooCommerce offers the ability to make reports, many eCommerce users still need to make regular CSV extractions, whether it is to track orders, manage customers or simply be able to read all their data on Excel.

This WooCommerce extension aims to simplify the WooCommerce data extraction process by letting us do a very targeted export, or an export of our entire WooCommerce site. It is even possible for us to define automatic extractions that will be sent by FTP, HTTP POST or even by email.

Extraction tasks are in the background of our WooCommerce site. In other words, this means that this process will not take precedence over others, offering maximum performance to your customers. So even if you have thousands of lines to export, no worries, it will not slow down our eCommerce site.

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