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The Google Analytics WooCommerce free plugin is offered by WooCommerce developers. This plugin will allow you to set up Google Analytics tracking on your eCommerce WooCommerce site. Perfect to learn everything about eCommerce directly in your Google Analytics reports.

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Get free access to Google Analytics master data with this WooCommerce extension.

With this free Google Analytics WooCommerce extension, you’ll be able to see the channels that bring you customers such as search engines or referring sites for example. This will allow you to focus on those reporting you the most visitors. But that of course does not stop there. After all, we are talking about WooCommerce so you’ll be able to discover the places on your site that make you lose the most money. This will be made possible by analyzing the user flow of your product pages to your payment pages. To understand your customers even more, you will be able to cross-check the revenue generated by channels, or determine what your customers are looking for on your site.

A free extension for WooCommerce that is clearly part of the essential WooCommerce extensions.

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