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EU VAT Number is the WooCommerce plugin for professionals selling to other professionals (B2B) wishing that VAT not be applied if and only if your customer has a valid VAT number.

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EU VAT Number is a WooCommerce plugin developed by the team behind WooCommerce. This plugin allows us to manage intra-community VAT in a very simple way. Just install and activate this plugin to see appear in the conversion tunnel, a box asking his VAT number to your customer. If the latter is a valid intra-Community VAT number, then the VAT will not be applied to this order.

This WooCommerce plugin does a check of the intra-community number provided by your customer. This service is based on the VIES service, which is the European system for verifying intra-community VAT numbers. This service ensures that a real check is made, not just a check on the number of characters entered for example. A pledge of tranquility for your B2B business. Better, I’m not afraid to classify this extension WooCommerce among the essential extensions. As a pro, it’s always nice to not have to pay VAT when you buy a product or service.

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