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Translate a site WooCommerce is not limited to translating product pages; all your WooCommerce site needs to be translated, from order taking to invoices. WPML has been offering for many years both the most advanced translation system in the WordPress world and both a translation module for WooCommerce. WPML and WooCommerce formed very early an inseparable duo in terms of eCommerce Multilingual website with WordPress.

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Let’s be clear in our approach. I consider that a WordPress site using WooCommerce as the main source for putting content online on its site is primarily a WooCommerce site, based on a technological component that is WordPress. WooCommerce adds a completely missing eCommerce feature layer to WordPress by default. This layer is important enough to consider it in its own right. I hope at the same time that you have followed me so far, and that you share this point of view.

Multilingual is exactly the same thing, especially when using WPML. A WordPress site with WPML becomes a multilingual site, using WordPress as a technological base. The multilingual brings such a lot of functional novelties, that it becomes a component in its own right.

Now, let me imagine what a multilingual WooCommerce site is. The complexity that this brings in terms of management from a plugin development point of view. It is necessary that the whole cohabits perfectly with WordPress, but in addition that your site WooCommerce communicates well with your multilingual version.

This is to say that the choice of a plugin to have a WooCommerce Multilingual site is not done lightly. From the beginning, I always use WooCommerce Multilingual, the plugin developed between WPML and WooCommerce.

Simple to use, WooCommerce Multilingual is a component of the largest plugin WPML. After installation, you will have access to an integrated installation wizard that will do all the work for you regarding the installation of all required components. Once all downloads are complete, you will arrive on a configuration screen that will remind you much of WooCommerce; I just love it. Simple and effective, it will answer the different questions that the configurator will ask you, and the configuration will be done.

In addition to allowing you to translate your products in as many languages ​​as you like, you can translate all of your shop, your pages, your categories, or your labels. And it does not stop there ! Translation of the customer area, conversion tunnel, translation of sent emails … that’s to be a real multilingual plugin for WooCommerce!

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